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November 24, 2008


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2008 Quantum Sails IC24 International Regatta

  • Results
    1) Orion, Fraito Lugo, 26pts
    2)Sal pa'fuera, 51pts
    3) INTAC, Alec Anderson, 55pts
    4) Racing In Paradise, Richard Wooldridge, 58pts
    5) KATS/LIME, Colin Rathbun, 72pts
    6) Seahawk, Mike Hirst, 75pts
    7) Conchquerer, Andrew Waters, 80pts
    8) Latitude 19, Chris Haycraft, 87pts

Nanny Cay Nations Cup 2008 Results

    1) LIME (BVI), 22
    2) Ondeck Racing (USVI), 29 points
    3) Team BVI, 34 points
    4) Canada, 37 points
    5) Holland, 45 points
    6) Blighties (UK), 52 points
    7) HIHO (USA), 55 points
    8) Antigua, 63 points
    9) St Maarten, 66 points
    10) Storm Trysail (USA), 66 points
    11) Ireland, 66 points
    12) 5 Go Sailing (UK), 85 points

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